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Aluminum Boat Propellers

Aluminum boat props are the most common prop used on boats because they are the least expensive and safest propeller to use. And they work just fine on most boats.You can get a three or a four blade aluminum propeller. If you hit a rock or stump or any underwater object with an aluminum prop you will probably bend or chip or break off part or all of one or more blades thus sacrificing your propeller and not damaging your lower unit. If you do damage you aluminum prop you can get it repaired if there is no more than 20% of the blade missing. Contact your local boat dealer if you have to get a prop repaired and drop it off there. The prop repair shops pick up and return prop repairs in mass at boat dealers instead of dealing with individuals. they save time and money that way.

Stainless Steel Propellers

Stainless Steel boat propellers have a few advantages and disadvantages over aluminum props. They come with three, four or five blades. The advantages are their performance is generally a little better in quicker time to plane off the boat and all around power, top end speed and they bite the water better in moderate to sharp turns. The disadvantages are, they cost much more to buy and to repair. And you could end up bending your propeller shaft that the prop is attached to because stainless steel props do not bend or break like aluminum props do, they are 5 to 7 times stronger. The hub in the prop is suppose  to break away from the inner wall cavity in the prop and free spin the prop on the prop shaft and save you from bending the shaft. but this does not always work. You have to be careful running a Stainless steel prop. Don’t hit anything with them. If you boat mostly in deeper water then you have much to worry about. We recommend that people who are buying and using thier first boat to run aluminum props for awhile until they are familiar with the waters they are running in, before they consider using a Stainless steel prop.