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If your boat propeller need repair, you are right, boat propellers can be repaired. If your boat prop looks like it has damage on the blades or if the blades look like they are bent you need to have the propeller repaired. If the blades look just a little frayed on the edges and you do not notice any loss of performance or vibration caused by not being balanced you might be ok to use it but if you have a bigger boat you may not feel vibration. It will be kind of a judgement call in that case on whether to get it repaired or not. You can file off the burred edges a little which might make it more usable. Many boat dealers are hooked up with boat prop repair shops so you can call them and ask if they are and if so take your prop to them and they will have it sent out for repair and then have it returned to them. Some prop shops will deal with the public so you can maybe contact them yourself.

 If your boat prop seems to just rev up and not go anywhere your hub is most likely spun and needs to be replaced. Boat propellers made out of aluminum and stainless steel have center hubs that are designed to break away from the inner wall of the propeller and spin inside it apon an impact. If you have a prop that has a rubber hub installed at the factory you need to take it to a propeller repair shop and have them press out the old hub and press in a new one. This is something a professional should do, not you, because the hub has to be positioned in the boat propeller just right and balanced. If you have a removeable hub system all you need to do is tap out the damaged plastic or rubber coated insert and go get a new one from a boat dealer that handles your brand of engine and push that in your prop yourself. 

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