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Turning Point Propellers new generation of stainless steel propellers called Express Mach3 three blade and Mach4 four blade props have numerous design and production improvements over their previous top performing stainless steel Express propellers.

Improvements include more advanced production processes at no extra cost that start with Turning Point’s “SpeedShop” blueprinting and “MaxSpeed” dyno balancing that you have to pay hundreds of dollars for other boat propeller shops to do on your other brand stainless steel props.Turning Point has a new stainless steel called “TP17” that has 20% more Chromium that gives better finish and corrosion resistance.

The Mach3 propellers have outstanding all around performance qualities and the Express Mach4 propellers have a revolutionary dual blade configuration that uses the speed characteristics of a semi-clever design on two of the blades and the power generating round eared design on the other two blades. This gives the Mach4 greater speed and power over other four blade stainless steel prop brands. Both models have tuned vent holes that create faster holeshots by letting some of the exhaust gases to flow out of the holes and over the back of the blades thus getting rid of the vacuum that is created behind the blades that causes drag. Getting rid of the drag lets the propeller spin faster on initial take off which means a faster holeshot can be achieved. Once the boat gets underway the exhaust gases flow out of the center of the boat prop only, propellers the vent holes. All boat propellers in aluminum or stainless steel offered by Turning Point propellers have top quality and performance.

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