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The winter time boat shows are the best way to see all the boat brands and all their different models along with lots of boating equipment like boat propellers and other boating merchandise on display for sale at great show prices also.They have special boat show prices that are lower than if you walk into a dealer in the middle of summer looking to buy a boat and they might have a few of last years new boats left over that you could get at a really discounted price because they would love to get rid of those boats to make way for the new year boats. I told a buddy of mine about shopping around for left over boats from dealers and last fall he found a new left over 2016 pontoon boat and motor that he bought for just under $17,000. That boat would have cost him cost around $25,000 if he got in the just a few months earlier before the 2017’s came out. Not Bad.
Try to decide on what kind of boat you are interested in and start checking out the boat dealers in your area that have the type you are looking for. Find out what shows are going to be around near you and if that dealer is going to be there. You should start asking questions now to their sales people about pricing, options, when you can take delivery of a boat if you buy it at the show and what kind of boat propellers would perform best on your boat. This way you will have a head start on dealing with the boat dealers at the show because they are going to be busy talking to lot of other people there and you’ll have a head start at getting your boat sooner if you do buy one because the sooner you buy at the show the sooner you get your boat in the spring. It’s first come first served most of the time at these shows.
You will need a spare prop for your new boat so check out our boat propeller website or call us for any questions you have about boat props. 1-800-573-5533