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The Jetovator is kind of hard to explain exactly what it is.No boat propellers on this jet powered craft. This thing is something different to say the least. It is a rideable water toy that depends on a jet powered PWC for propulsion. It does not have it’s own power source. You connect a sixty six foot hose that is attached to a PWC to the Jetovator, then the PWC rider uses his throttle to supply water jet pressure to the Jetovator operator who then can use his controls to elevate out and above the water as high as forty feet and can also maneuver turns. Speeds up to twenty five MPH can be obtained. It’s a team effort used here because the PWC and operator are actually towed by the Jetovator operator as he goes forwards, backwards, up and down and turns right and left. Pretty neat ride experience like no other.

You might be thinking the price of this thing is probably outrageous because there is nothing like it and it has no competition. But considering how much fun you can have with it, the manufactures suggested retail price of $5,975.00 really is not a lot of money. There are some options you can get that will add to the cost but they are not too expensive. For more information on the Jetovator go to For the lowest prices on hundreds of boat propellers check out our website or call us 1-800-573-5533.