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Stainless Steel props have a few advantages and disadvantages over aluminum props. They come with three, four or five blades. The advantages are their performance is generally a little better in quicker time to plane off the boat and all around power, top end speed and they bite the water better in moderate to sharp turns. The disadvantages are, they cost much more to buy and to repair. And you could end up bending your propeller shaft that the prop is attached to because stainless steel props do not bend or break like aluminum props, they are 5 to 7 times stronger. The hub in the prop is supposed to break away from the inner wall cavity in the prop and free spin the prop on the prop shaft and save you from bending the shaft, but this does not always work. We recommend that people who are buying and using their first boat to run aluminum props for a while until they are familiar with the waters they are running in, before they consider using a stainless steel prop.

Today the price of propeller repair is almost the cost of a new propeller and instead of waiting for the repair turnaround time, you can walk out with a new one same day or buy one from JT’s Discount Boat Propellers. For stainless steel prop repair, if you are local to Austin TX, you can drop off your prop with us at Nettle Props, or take it to one of our local area boat dealers that we service repairs for. If you are not local you can ship your damaged stainless steel prop to Nettle Props for quality prop repair services.

Stainless steel props are much stronger and durable than aluminum and will hold up longer. If you are looking for better performance than can be provided by your aluminum propeller, such as ultimate top speed or better accelerations, a stainless propeller would be highly recommended. JT’s Discount Props has many stainless steel propeller brands you can choose from.