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Boat propellers for pontoon boats can be hard to match up right sometimes. The main problem is cavitation, meaning the boat propeller is hitting air when you trim it up and the RPM’s shoot way up and the boat slows down.. The reason for this is the transom on a lot of the newer pontoon boats is too high so the engines lower unit is not in the water far enough. The pontoon diameters have kept getting larger in the last twenty years which makes the boat ride higher but some of the boat manufacturers have not lowered the transoms so the engines can be mounted down in the water far enough so you can use the trim for best performance.

What you can do to correct this problem is use a larger diameter three blade or a four blade boat prop that will have more contact with the water. This works in a lot of cases. Solas propellers has a line of boat propellers called Amita Plus propellers that are three bladed boat props, made of aluminum that come in large diameters that work well on pontoon boats. Solas propellers also makes a good selection of four bladed aluminm and stainless steel boat propellers that also work well.

So what are the Best Boat Propellers for Pontoon Boats?

We recommend and sell Solas props which are high performance and provide a smoother ride.

If you still have cavitation problems no matter what boat prop you use, you might have to cut your transom plate down a few inches so the motor sits down farther in the water.
You might also consider another motor that has a longer drive shaft lower unit.