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Boat Props

Our full line of boat props that we offer at the lowest prices.
Up to 50% off

We have become one of the largest dealers in aluminum propellers, stainless steel props and
inboard boat  propellers because of our deep discount prices and fast, expert service.
We sell  the best brands of boat props for most makes and models, 10 horse power and up.
Same day shipping  for most orders and we except all major credit cards.

props propeller prop
Michigan Wheel Props Corporate Logo
Making quality Boat Propellers since 1903

michigan match propeller
vortex boat propellers
rapture boat props
Michigan Match by Michigan Wheel
boat prop
michigan prop
Michigan Match Propellers
Affordable replacement boat propellers, manufactured by the leading replacement manufacturer for the last 100 years. High gloss black powder coat finish. Cushioned rubber hub. For small to large engines.

Michigan Wheel Vortex
3 and 4 blade performance aluminum propellers. Vortex series propellers are designed to use Michigan Wheel XHS (XHS capital letters) hub system or Mercury's Flow-Torq 2 hub system. For small to large engines.
Rapture Boat Propellers
High performance blade geometry features a high rake and progressive pitch design to provide the optimum combination of dead start acceleration, bow lift and flat out speed. For medium to large engines.
ballistic boat prop
apollo boat props
ambush boat propeller
Balistic prop
michigan prop Apollo boat propellers
Ambush Propeller for ski boats
Ballistic Propellers
3 and 4 blade stainless steel props.
Optimized power tip for peak efficiency.
Blade tip and cup combine to improve bite and reduce power losses caused by cavitation.
For small to large engines.
Apollo Stainless Steel Props
New for this year. 3 and 4 blade "Ultimate Performance" stainless steel propellers. Available also in larger diameter sizes for larger boats. Highly polished finish. For medium to large engines
Ambush Inboard Propellers
4 blade nibral (Stronger than bronze) propellers for the ski and wakeboard enthusiast. Designed to offer you the pulling power you want with minimum vibration. For inboard ski boats only.

Please call 1-877-512-7767 (PROP) for prop price quotes, recommendations and to place an order.

Turning Point Propellers Logo
tipping point props slogan

New Tipping Point Hubs For TP Props    
Introducing brand new props for the 2005 boating season.
Turning Point Propellers has upgraded their hub and prop
design so they can continue to provide the highest quality,
best performing propellers available.
Rascal Propellers logo
Hustler Boat Propeller logo
Aluminum Rascal prop
Hustler Boat Prop
Compact Series 20-35hp w/a 3" gearcase
The Rascal series features swept back, increased blade
surfaces and improved geometry for great
all-around performance.
Now, boaters can get more power from their lower
horsepower engines.

High Performance Series 40 -300 hp 
for 3 1/2" to 4 3/4" gearcases
Patterned from after stainless steel designs, these props give a new meaning to the word hustle.
High top speeds, quick hole shot, great lift and secure handling, even on tight turns

Express boat prop logo
SpeedZone Boat Props logo
Express Stainless Steel Boat Propeller
Speed Zone Stainless Prop

High Performance Series 40 - 300 hp
Express stainless steel propellers are the perfect
boat propeller for bass, walleye, family fishing, offshore boats, run-a-bouts, and weekenders.
Express propellers give boats maximum speed and
secure handling even on tight turns at wide open

Maximum Performance Series 150 - 300+ hp
SpeedZone propellers take the next step in high performance to best harness the power of high performance bass boats and powerful sterndrives.
Greater blade area and more aggressive design features deliver optimum acceleration and top end

For prices, sizes and to order on-line click here or call 1-877-512-7767 (PROP)

Stilleto Props
Stiletto stainless steel propellers reward you with superior quality enabling complete and total performance. With designs for overall efficiency, these special boat propellers provide harmony and balance between the engine and your boat. Reliability, superior blade design and total performance are built in to all Stiletto Propellers.
Stiletto Propellers Product Line
Stiletto Prop
Triad Series
Stiletto Triad Boat Propeller
Advantage Series
Stilleto Pro-4 Series Boat Prop
Pro-4 Series
The Stiletto Triad I & II series stainless steel props give the owners of 25 - 75 horsepower outboards an exciting new level of performance.

Excellent hole shot, strong mid-range acceleration, and top speed describe the Stiletto Advantage I,II and III stainless steel boat prop series.

Stiletto Bay pro I,II,III and Pro-4 Bass series of stainless steel boat  propellers all give outstanding hole shots & mid-range acceleration.

Please call 1-877-512-7767 (PROP) for prop price quotes, recommendations and to place an order.

High Performance Turbo Props
Turbo Propellers

All Turbo props feature a reliable and durable one-piece casting. They also give your boat excellent hole shot, low steering torque, reduced chine walk, increased fuel economy, superior rough water stability, responsive mid-range performance, and impressive top end speed under loaded conditions.
Stainless Steel Propellers

Hot Shot Stainless Prop
Hot Shot The little brother of the Turbo family.
For outboards in the 18 to 70 H.P. range. Acceleration, speed and fuel efficiency is unsurpassed in the industry. 
Turbo props
Turbo 1 An excellent boat prop choice for mid-size to large outboards and sterndrives.  Outstanding overall looks and performance for medium to heavy boats.
Lightning Prop
Lightning Targets the V6 and V8 outboard markets.
High rake and large diameter blade design give these boat propellers almost unbelievable performance.
Vector prop
Vector Designed and developed  for the Mercury Bravo One drive with big horse power. Increased blade area and diameter enhance performance and fuel economy. 
Flats prop
Flats IV Was designed exclusively for the intermediate size gear cases and allows for  optimum bow lift and load carrying capacity at higher engine heights.
Ultima Propeller
Ultima 4 Develops lift and stability for the offshore fishing market.
Rough water and adverse conditions are absolutely no match for this stainless steel boat prop.
2+2 Propeller
2 + 2 These boat propellers have a tremendous hole shot,impressive mid-range acceleration,
fast stable top end speed. For mid-size/large outboards and sterndrives.

Please call 1-877-512-7767 (PROP) for prop price quotes, recommendations and to place an order.

Quicksilver Propellers by mercury logo
Aluminum boat propeller
Quicksilver 3 & 4 blade
aluminum propellers
Quicksilver Stainelss prop
Quicksilver 3 & 4 blade
stainless steel props
Quicksilver Bravo III props
Quicksilver Props for
Bravo III drive units
For all size outboards and sterndrives. Same as Mercury Black Max series of propellers but with a flat black finish and different part number. Same performance and quality, and they cost less.
Silverado, lightspeed and Thunderbolt stainless steel propellers are the same as Mercury Vengeance, Laser II and Mirage Plus propellers are. Same performance/quality.
Less cost.
Stainless steel propellers, Same as Mercury "Bravo Three" boat propellers.They come in a Satin finish and a different part number. Buy as a set or separately. Same performance/quality.Less cost.

Please call 1-877-512-7767 (PROP) for prop price quotes, recommendations and to place an order.

We also sell PowerTech Propellers, Solas Propellers and Michigan Propellers.
Deep Discount Prices.

PowerTech Propellers
Stainless Steel Propellers
Solas Boat props
Boat Propellers

Michigan Propellers
Inboard Propellers up to 36" in Diameter

Bronze Propellers
3 and 4 blade props

Nibral Propellers
3 and 4 blade props
Ambush Propeller for ski boats
nibral propeller

Please call 1-877-512-7767 (PROP) for prop price quotes, recommendations and to place an order.


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