Boat Propellers Educational Information

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Boat Propellers Educational Information

When looking to buy a new boat propeller and want to know about the boat propulsion system use on your boat – use our Boat Propellers Educational Information. Over the years that people looking to buy a new boat propeller are becoming less and less knowledgeable about their boat’s propulsion system be it an outboard motor or a sterndrive.

It’s simply because the mechanical age is vanishing and the technological age is now in full swing. In the past a lot more people actually worked on their boats and cars because they were a lot simpler to work on than the much more complicated stuff we have today.

Boat owners with little knowledge about mechanical things should still try to learn at least a little bit how their boat works and how boat propellers work.

We have a vast amount of information on boat props starting with our boat Propellers Education Section on the lower part of our home page.

Hub kits are explained and then we tell you the basics on how to determine what size boat prop you should be using on your boat. We then explain aluminum propellers and stainless steel propellers and also about three, four and five blade boat propellers

We also have many other pages with information on boat props such as our Propellers 101 page that tells you all about the characteristics of a boat prop like what is pitch and what is cupping etc. And our Propeller Basics page that gives additional propeller information such as what cavitation is and it also shows illustrations of the different propeller topics listed.

We believe that if you are a boat owner this information on our website should be looked at so you are more aware about how your boat propeller should work.

We have the lowest prices on hundreds of boat propellers in all brands and ship same day if ordered early enough or the next day via UPS or FEDEX. You can also call us during business hours at 1-800-573-5533 for expert recommendations.

Using our Boat Propellers for Sale Website

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Using our Boat Propellers for Sale Website

Our website offers many brands of boat propellers for sale and we think it is very user friendly with easy navigation. We also have numerous pages giving great expert information and articles all about boat props.

It all starts on our home page. On the top of the page we tell you a little about ourselves and that we are in our twentieth year of being one of the largest dealers on the internet and that we have the lowest prices on hundreds of aluminum propellers and stainless steel propellers that you can order online paying with a credit card or using a PayPal account, or you can order by phone. Just below this erea we show all the propeller brands highlighted in blue that you click on to go to the brands section where you can easily get information on that brand and what propellers you can choose from for your engine. A side bar is shown listing everything so you can easily go to the other brands and items. The rest of the home page gives our phone number so you can call us and get expert advice and place an order if you do not want to order online.

Then below that we show you all the great information on what propeller you can use and other options for types of boat props you might want to consider. We have dozens of boat prop articles on our blog page and have pages like  “Boat Propellers 101” and “Boat Propeller Basics” that give you basic information. We are absolutely an authority source on boat propellers.

On our Solas Propellers section you can use the “Prop Finder” tool to find the right Solas boat prop for you and also on the Turning Point Propellers section there is a “Prop Wizard” that does the same thing for you about Turning Point propellers.

If you cannot find something on the website or just want an expert opinion on something about brands of boat propellers for sale on the site call us at 1-800-573-5533 and we will help any way we can.  

Stern Lifting Propellers and Bow Lifting Propellers

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Stern Lifting Propellers and Bow Lifting Propellers
 There are two kinds of boat propellers – Stern Lifting Propellers and Bow Lifting Propellers. Boat props not only simply push a boat forwards or backwards, they can also determine if the bow is running higher out of the water at speed that means higher speeds because less boat in the water makes the boat faster, less drag. Other propellers can lift the stern of the boat up out of the water from a dead start instead of digging in and having the bow raise up high which causes a slower take off.
The degree of blade rake angle on a boat propeller determines if it is a stern lifting propeller or a bow lifting prop. Blade rake angle is the angle of the blade in relation to the hub of the propeller when looking at it from the side. The less angle of the blade means more stern lift and the more angle means more bow lift.

Stern Lifting Propellers or Bow Lifting Propellers?

What type of boat propeller would work best for your boat? It depends on a few things. Type of boat is one and how you want to use it is another. For high powered light bass boats you want the most speed you can get ,that means a three blade prop with a higher rake degree. This type creates the most speed. Three bladed boat propellers with a high degree of rake are generally faster than a four bladed propeller. Four bladed propellers actually give better stern lift and less bow lift even if it has a high rake degree simply because the extra blade. If you have a sterndrive family style boat, a stern lifting prop is most popular because sterdrive boats are stern heavy and need help getting up and on top of the water quicker.


For the best prices on boat propellers you can check out our website or call us at 1-800-573-5533 for information

The first Jetovator

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The first Jetovator

The Jetovator is kind of hard to explain exactly what it is.No boat propellers on this jet powered craft. This thing is something different to say the least. It is a rideable water toy that depends on a jet powered PWC for propulsion. It does not have it’s own power source. You connect a sixty six foot hose that is attached to a PWC to the Jetovator, then the PWC rider uses his throttle to supply water jet pressure to the Jetovator operator who then can use his controls to elevate out and above the water as high as forty feet and can also maneuver turns. Speeds up to twenty five MPH can be obtained. It’s a team effort used here because the PWC and operator are actually towed by the Jetovator operator as he goes forwards, backwards, up and down and turns right and left. Pretty neat ride experience like no other.

You might be thinking the price of this thing is probably outrageous because there is nothing like it and it has no competition. But considering how much fun you can have with it, the manufactures suggested retail price of $5,975.00 really is not a lot of money. There are some options you can get that will add to the cost but they are not too expensive. For more information on the Jetovator go to For the lowest prices on hundreds of boat propellers check out our website or call us 1-800-573-5533.

The Seabreacher Watercraft

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The Seabreacher Watercraft

Using jet drives, instead of boat propellers, there is a very different and amazing type of marine craft called the Seabreacher you can buy that maneuvers and looks more like sea creature than a boat. It can dive under the water and then pop up and fly out of the water just like a fish at speeds up to twenty miles per hour underwater and up to sixty miles per hour on top of the water. They use jet drives instead of boat propellers and three models are available at the moment with more in the works. The speed and maneuverability of these watercraft will give you a water thrill ride like you never had before.

Seabreacher X,Y and Z models look a lot like a shark, killer whale and a dolphin. The X and Y models are two person models. The Z model is a one person model. All three are about seventeen feet long with a body width of three feet and a wing span of six and a half feet. The cockpit is water tight with a high visibility plexiglass canopy so you stay dry diving underwater.

All three are powered by a quiet Rotax 1500cc four stroke supercharged engine that is rated at 260 hp. They weigh about 1450 lbs. Fuel capacity is fourteen gallons. The price tag on these watercraft with trailer range from $80,000 to $100.000 depending on the options wanted. Shipping charges are extra.

For your boat propeller driven boat we have the lowest prices on hundreds of boat propellers both aluminum propellers and stainless steel propellers. Please check out our website or call us at 1-800-573-5533 for expert help on what boat props you could use.

Does your Boat Propeller need Repair?

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Does your Boat Propeller need Repair?

If your boat propeller need repair, you are right, boat propellers can be repaired. If your boat prop looks like it has damage on the blades or if the blades look like they are bent you need to have the propeller repaired. If the blades look just a little frayed on the edges and you do not notice any loss of performance or vibration caused by not being balanced you might be ok to use it but if you have a bigger boat you may not feel vibration. It will be kind of a judgement call in that case on whether to get it repaired or not. You can file off the burred edges a little which might make it more usable. Many boat dealers are hooked up with boat prop repair shops so you can call them and ask if they are and if so take your prop to them and they will have it sent out for repair and then have it returned to them. Some prop shops will deal with the public so you can maybe contact them yourself.

 If your boat prop seems to just rev up and not go anywhere your hub is most likely spun and needs to be replaced. Boat propellers made out of aluminum and stainless steel have center hubs that are designed to break away from the inner wall of the propeller and spin inside it apon an impact. If you have a prop that has a rubber hub installed at the factory you need to take it to a propeller repair shop and have them press out the old hub and press in a new one. This is something a professional should do, not you, because the hub has to be positioned in the boat propeller just right and balanced. If you have a removeable hub system all you need to do is tap out the damaged plastic or rubber coated insert and go get a new one from a boat dealer that handles your brand of engine and push that in your prop yourself. 

 For the best prices on boat propellers we sell please check out our website or call us at 1-800-573-5533   

Depth Finder helps avoid Propeller Damage

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Depth Finder helps avoid Propeller Damage

You are out enjoying the day on the lake in your boat with your family or friends just putting along near shore when all of a sudden it feels like your boat hit a pothole and your engine and or lower unit has vibration problems. What happened? Your drive systems lower unit and propeller ran aground and your boat prop blades are now damaged and don’t work right anymore. This is how most boat propellers get damaged. It can be avoided if you have a depth finder system on your boat.

Depth finders are a great way to know how close the bottom of the lake is to the bottom of your boat. And they have sounding alarms you can set at a certain depth that warn you how close you are to hitting bottom. They are a simple sonar that uses an electronic sending and recieving signal device called a transducer that is mounted either on the stern of the boat as low as posible or inside the boat in the bilge erea known as a through hull transducer. Electronic signal pulses are shot down and bounce off solid objects and then are returned to the transducer. The time it takes for the signal to return is then turned into a calculation in feet or yards of what the distance is between the solid object and the transducer. That distance information can then be shown on a display mounted on or in your dashboard. You do not have to be going slow for depth finders to work. They also work at all speeds of your boat but if you are going fast and all of a sudden the depth alarm goes off it might be too late to avoid hitting something. You can set the alarm to sound at a greater distance that can give you more time to react but if you are not sure about the erea of water you are in slow down so if the alarm does go off you have time to stop or steer clear of danger.

 If you do not have a depth finder but want to get one installed on your boat you should have a professional install it for you. It is not really a do it yourself project. The positioning of the transducer is most important so it can accurately send and recieve signals. 

 For super discount prices on boat propellers please visit our boat propellers website or call for pricing at 1-800-573-5533

Aluminum or Stainless Steel Boat Propellers

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Aluminum or Stainless Steel Boat Propellers

The most common boat propellers on outboard motor and sterndrive boats are made out of aluminum and stainless steel. And between the two most boat props out there are aluminum propellers. They are less expensive to buy and much less expensive to get repaired. Stainless steel boat propellers are more durable and generally are used for improving top end speed for faster boats. Why are they faster in most cases? They are designed and tested to increase speeds with blade designs and higher rake degrees which is the angle of the blades, that creates more bow lift. More bow lift means less drag thru the water and that means more speed.   

Three and four bladed boat propellers are available in both metals and as stated in the previous blog three blade propellers are all purpose and faster props, four bladed props are generally for pulling tubers and skiers and for bigger heavier boats.

For most boaters aluminum propellers work just fine for them on boats that are not so fast and their boating style is more for just simply getting on and enjoying the water. But if you want to get the absolute top performance out of your boat and motor, stainless steel propellers are the way to go.

You must be warned that there is very little give in stainless steel props because they are about five to seven times harder than aluminum props. Which means it is much more possible to end up with a bent propeller shaft if you hit a hard under water object like a rock or stump at high speeds. That is an expensive repair. You don not have to be totally afraid of using a stainless steel prop, just be more carefull in shallow water with them. 

Please visit our website for the lowest prices on hundreds of boat propellers or call us at 1-800-573-5533 

Three Blade or Four Blade Boat Propellers

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Three Blade or Four Blade Boat Propellers

Outboard motors and sterndrives primarily use three blade and four blade boat propellers both in aluminum and stainless steel. Some of the real small outboards use two bladed props and some composite propellers have five blades, Mercury has a stainless steel five blade prop. But by far most boats have a three or four blade boat props.

Three blade Boat Propellers

The advantages of three blade props are they generally have faster top end speeds with good take off and power performance. Three blade propellers cost less to buy and repair costs are less. They are available in both aluminum and stainless steel from a variety of high end manufacturers and available at Dan’s Discount Props website.

Four blade Boat Propellers

The advantages of four blade boat propellers are they get your boat up on plane quicker than a three blade prop. For heavier boats, heavily loaded boats and for larger boats they will push the boat better with less slippage. Cruise speed gas mileage is usually better again because of less slippage. Disadvantages are they cost more to buy and to get repaired. Top end speeds are generally a little slower that a three blade propeller. Available as well from a variety of manufacturers from Dan’s Discount Boat Propellers website.

How to choose a proper boat prop for your needs

So when choosing a boat prop you need to decide which is more important to you as far as performance is concerned. For light loads and if you are interested more in going fast use a three blade boat propeller. If you are going to use your boat to tow the kids around on towables or water skis mostly, use a four blade prop for better bite on the water.

If you would like to get a professional recommendation on what kind of boat propellers would best for you please call us at 1-800-573-5533     

Boat Propellers Recommendation

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Boat Propellers Recommendation

It is easier to order the wrong boat propellers than the right ones. There really is no stock or standard boat prop for your engine because of the almost unlimited amount of boat size and motor size combinations which means different size props are needed for the different combinations. We can help you to find the right boat propellers for your engine with some information from you about what engine you have to begin with. We also would like to know what size prop you have or if you can give us the part number stamped on your prop we can determine what size it is also the size and type of boat you have, the number of people most of the time and if possible what the RPM’s at full speed trimmed up is you have power trim and maybe a few other things. It might seem like a lot of information is needed but it really does help to know as much as possible in order to try to make sure you are getting the right boat propeller. 

You might want to go from three bladed props to a four bladed boat propellers – one for better take off or for use on heavily loaded boats. Maybe you are interested in stainless steel propellers for better performance. If you just want general information on boat propellers we can help you with any questions you might have, also you can read up on general information and how to select the right boat props on our Propeller Education Section located at the bottom of our home page.

Please feel free to call us at 1-800-573-5533 for boat propellers or any questions you might have.