Boat Propellers for Different Boat Hull Designs

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Boat Propellers for Different Boat Hull Designs

Most boat hull designs perform well enough with an average aluminum propeller but a lot of hull designs work best with either a three or four blade boat prop with stern lifting or bow lifting capabilities made from aluminum or stainless steel.

For boats with an outboard motor or a sterndrive sometimes using a bow lifting boat prop tends to make the front of the boat bounce up and down, that is known as porpoising. You can put more gear in the bow area or have a passenger or two sit up in the front. That can get rid of the bouncing or you need a three bladed stern lifting propeller which is offered mostly in a stainless steel boat prop. Four bladed aluminum or stainless steel propellers reduce bouncing also because most of these are stern lifting props. Installing trim tabs will can control the porpoising  they cost considerably more than propellers do.

For high speed bass boats you have to go with performance designed stainless steel props to achieve the highest speeds and the best takeoffs. If your bass boat bounces from side to side at high speeds that is called chine walking and that can be a scary ride and even dangerous. Usually three bladed boat propellers cause chine walking but using a four bladed propeller will greatly lessen that effect.

Inboard ski boats use three or four bladed props and have a fixed drive system with no trim adjustments that can be made so they are designed to perform the best for all operating conditions just the way they come from the manufacturer.

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Underwater Hits on Boat Props

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Underwater Hits on Boat Props

If you own a boat with an outboard motor or sterndrive and hit something underwater with your lower unit and boat props a wide range of damage can occur. It also depends on what the propeller is made out of as to how much damage you have.

Boat props made of a composite material should not cause any damage the lower unit or prop shaft. They have solid hubs that break away from the shaft and go sink to the bottom or the blades will fray or break away saving you from lower unit damage. Composite propellers are not repairable.

Aluminum boat props even though they are a harder material than the composites, they also should not cause any other damage to your drive system if you hit something. The blades on the aluminum props will give way and the hubs might spin but the propeller will stay on the prop shaft. Aluminum propellers are repairable, they can be welded on and reshaped to original size and the hubs can be replaced.

With Stainless steel propellers you need to be more careful. You might possibly damage your lower unit and propeller shaft if you hit something because stainless steel boat propellers are about five to seven times stronger than aluminum boat props so there is very little give to them. The most common damage you might have is a bent propeller shaft. That could be expensive to fix. The hubs in these props should spin on impact and save you from a major repair but not every the time. They can be welded on and repaired and the hub can be replaced.

The good news is there is an easy way to avoid any damage at all. Just don’t hit anything. If you need to replace your boat prop please check out the low priced boat propellers on our website or call us at 1-800-573-5533

Setting up at the Boat Shows

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Setting up at the Boat Shows

People who attend boat shows to shop for boats and other boating stuff like boat propellers are unaware of how much preparation and hard work a boat dealer and their employees go through to get the boats to the show and get them all set up for display.

First the dealer has to contact the boat show people, sign up and make payment to be there and do this as soon as possible long before the show opens. The sooner this is done the better so the dealer can get the biggest display areas in the heaviest people traffic areas before other dealers do. Prime display floor space and locations at the show are the most sought after and are reserved the fastest. Once the sign up, payment and display area reservation has been completed the real work begins.

A floor plan is developed that shows exactly where the boats are  going to be positioned. All the other things that are going to be in the display like desks and chairs for the sales staff and steps used for people to get in and out of the boats plus signs and decorative plants and other things must be shown in the floor plan. The floor plan is extremely important so when the actual setting up starts the setup people know where everything goes and the process can be done quickly.

Once the boats and all the other things are in their assigned place everything needs to be cleaned. This is done by the dealer workers and sometimes outside help is used also. The cleaning takes up a lot of time and is hard work but the display must look as good as possible to help make a good impression on the customers.

Now the display is ready for the show. The sales people are there and the show begins and runs for quite a few days. After a hopefully successful show that produced many sales the boats and everything else have to be taken back to the boat dealer and put away. This also takes up time and is hard work.

 This entire show process is also always a get it done ASAP deal. Most dealers go to more than one show during the winter months because more than half of the yearly sales of the boats, boat propellers and the other items can be sold at these events.

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The Boat Shows are Coming

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The Boat Shows are Coming

The winter time boat shows are the best way to see all the boat brands and all their different models along with lots of boating equipment like boat propellers and other boating merchandise on display for sale at great show prices also.They have special boat show prices that are lower than if you walk into a dealer in the middle of summer looking to buy a boat and they might have a few of last years new boats left over that you could get at a really discounted price because they would love to get rid of those boats to make way for the new year boats. I told a buddy of mine about shopping around for left over boats from dealers and last fall he found a new left over 2016 pontoon boat and motor that he bought for just under $17,000. That boat would have cost him cost around $25,000 if he got in the just a few months earlier before the 2017’s came out. Not Bad.
Try to decide on what kind of boat you are interested in and start checking out the boat dealers in your area that have the type you are looking for. Find out what shows are going to be around near you and if that dealer is going to be there. You should start asking questions now to their sales people about pricing, options, when you can take delivery of a boat if you buy it at the show and what kind of boat propellers would perform best on your boat. This way you will have a head start on dealing with the boat dealers at the show because they are going to be busy talking to lot of other people there and you’ll have a head start at getting your boat sooner if you do buy one because the sooner you buy at the show the sooner you get your boat in the spring. It’s first come first served most of the time at these shows.
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Boat Propeller Brands

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Boat Propeller Brands

Most people who are looking to buy a new prop are not familiar with all the boat propeller brands available to choose from. There are actually two brand categories of boat propellers. One is the original equipment manufacturer brand of propellers called OEM propellers. These are boat props that are made by the engine manufacturer like Mercury Marine, the makers of outboard motors and sterndrives. They produce their own line of boat propellers to go on their own drive systems and also other brands of engines using the correct hub kit. Volvo Penta, Evinrude, Yamaha, Suzuki and the other engine makers produce boat propellers for their engines also and sometimes contract with an aftermarket propeller manufacturers to make props for them.

The second category is called the aftermarket manufacturers of props. These independent companies are not owned or operated by the marine engine makers. They produce their own line of boat propellers that will fit and work well on the marine engine manufacturers engines and sometimes like I have already mentioned make props for the OEM companies. These excellent quality propellers in most cases perform just as well as the original equipment manufacturers props and are can be less expensive.

Here are the biggest aftermarket propeller companies listed in no particular order to be fair to all of them. Power Tech, Michigan Wheel, Turning Point, Solas, Comprop, and Piranha, Acme and OJ. If you have a new engine and want to use an aftermarket boat propeller it should not void the warranty but check with your sales dealer on that to be sure. For information on these brands you can search them on the internet and also visit their own websites.

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The Best Value in Boat Propellers – Aluminum Propellers

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The Best Value in Boat Propellers – Aluminum Propellers

If you have a boat that has an outboard motor or sterndrive you can use boat propellers made out of a composite or aluminum propellers or stainless steel. We prefer the use of aluminum propellers or stainless steel propellers because it is our opinion that the composite props do not perform quite so good but they do work OK so if you want to see for yourself buy one and see what you think.

Aluminum props we think give you the best value between the three kinds because they are very affordable. For one thing they are about one half to one third the cost of a stainless steel propeller. The cost to get an aluminum prop repaired is also about the same difference in price as opposed to a stainless steel prop. They generally perform well enough, maybe not as well as a stainless but you do not have much of a chance of causing damage to your lower unit or propeller shaft if you hit something like a rock or tree stump.

Aluminum prop blades will bend or break away on a hard impact saving you from further damage. With stainless steel boat propellers you need be careful about where you drive your boat. They are about five to seven times harder than aluminum propellers so they do not give such at all, if you hit some underwater object. It’s possible you could end up with a bent propeller shaft which is an expensive repair.

So aluminum boat propellers are probably the best value because of the cost to buy and to repair and they are safer to use.And we have super, discount prices on aluminum boat propellers, and also stainless steel props.>Online or phone ordering. 1-800-573-5533

Getting your boat ready for winter

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Getting your boat ready for winter
Well it’s that time of year again that most boaters in the colder climate areas dread dealing with. Putting the boat away for winter and getting damaged boat propellers replaced or fixed can be done in the fall.
Summer seems to go by in the blink of an eye and the off season takes twenty years to get over before spring. But you need to winterize your boat and cover it properly if it’s going to be outside. Winterizing primarily consists of getting the water out of your engine and drive so it does not freeze and crack engine parts like the block, manifolds and lower unit. Water expands when it freezes and if there is no room for it to expand in, water can actually crack the engine block and other parts if they are totally full of water. You don’t want to buy a new engine every year so have a boat dealership or a cerified marine mechanic winterize your boat. This is also a good time when you should get basic maintenance taken care of, like fluid changes, greasing moving parts and replacing filters and parts that need changing periodically and have a general inspection done. This way you will be ready to go in the spring after a simple check of everthing.Very important, make sure you install the drain plug in your boat before you launch it next year.
If you can’t store your boat inside a garage, barn or whatever and it’s going to be outside, getting it shrink wrapped is recommended. It’s the best water and snow proof cover system and air vents are put in the wrap to keep the inside your boat from getting mold and mildew build up by keeping the air moving and fresh. Shrink wrap needs to be done every year but you boat interior is safer. You should not store your boat under a tree because tree limbs might break off and land on your boat during a storm and cause damage. Don’t put it alongside a building  where the roof might have snow slide off it right on top of your boat. Keep heavy snow buildup from forming on your boat by simply cleaning off the snow every now and then.
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How to find the right size Outboard Motor Propeller

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How to find the right size Outboard Motor Propeller

For outboard motor propellers, if your boat has a working tachometer than you can follow the same procedures outlined in our previous blog dealing with sterndrive boats. Using a tachometer is the best way to find the right size boat propellers. What if you don’t have a tachometer on your boat? This is very common if you have a small boat with a low horsepower outboard motor on it.

First if you have an outboard motor with no power trim you do have a mechanical trim position pin system on your transom bracket on the engine that gives you about four to six trim position options that you can adjust simply by putting the pin in the different position holes yourself and then test driving the boat and see how the boat rides underway at speed.

Find the right trim position that gives you the best performance that you like.

It is advised to get a remote tachometer hooked up to your outboard engine and see what your RPMs are at full speed if at all possible. Without a tachometer the best way to find the best size boat prop for your boat is to first know what diameter and pitch size propeller is on your motor then see how it gets up on plane from a standing start with just you in the boat and a light load in the boat. If it seems slow to take off that usually indicates you probably have low RPMs at full throttle and need to go down in pitch size one or two inches in pitch in order to get a quicker take off and increase RPMs. If your boat jumps up on plane really fast you might have too high RPMs at full throttle, then you could probably go up in pitch one or two inches. This will make your boat a little slower to take off but it might save you from causing damage to your motor from over revving your engine at ful throttle. If in your opinion it takes off OK then you probably have the size right boat prop.

This method without using a tachometer is not super accurate but it should help you to get at least close to having the right size boat propeller.

We offer a wide variety of boat propellers for most modern engines at some of the lowest prices anywhere.

How you can find the right size boat propeller

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How you can find the right size boat propeller

Boat propellers are a big mystery to a lot of boat owners. But determining what size boat propeller you need to use for your boat and motor combination is not as complicated as you might think. There are just a few simple things you need to know and a few things you might need to find out that you can do yourself.

If you haven’t read our two previous blogs, Looking for a new boat prop? and Looking for a new boat prop? Part two, please do so for the basic information about diameter and pitch.

What you need to know is every engine has an RPM ( revolutions per minute ) range that you need to stay with in for safe engine operation, at full speed or also called wide open throttle ( WOT ) trimmed up if equiped with power trim. All sterndrive engine drive systems have power trim and tilt and most of them have tachometer gauges that show what the RPMS your engine is producing so what you need to know is what diameter and pitch boat prop you have and what your WOT RPM range is for your engine, the range can be found in your engine owners manual or ask your local service dealer that works on your engine brand what your range is.Then take your boat out with just you in it and with a light load, go full speed with it and play with the trim going up as far as you can that produces the fastest speed attainable without trimming up too much then look and see what your RPM’s are. The RPM range is about four to six hundred RPM’s. If the range for your egine is 4400 to 4800 RPMs and you are reading 4700 RPMs then you have the right pitch prop. If you are getting over 4800 RPMs you need a 23 pitchthree blade prop. If you are getting less than 4400 RPMs you need a 19 pitch three blade prop. Your engine’s horsepower is rated maximum horsepower at about 4700 RPMs, that is the RPM number you try to achieve. If your prop is an aluminum 21 pitch three blade propeller and you want a spare get the same size prop. If you want to pull tubers and skiers get a four blade 19 pitch prop for better takeoffs and better pulling performance. A four bladed 19 pitch prop will produce about the same RPMs as a 21 pitch three blade boat propeller. The same goes for stainless steel propellers RPM wise with just a little less RPMs than aluminum propellers, maybe two or three hundred in either the three or four blade because an aluminum 21 pitch boat prop is closer to a 20 under load because the blades will bend a little in aluminum and stainless steel prop blades don’t bend under load.

Next blog will be how to size boat propellers for outboard motors.

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Looking for a New Boat Prop ? PART TWO

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Looking for a New Boat Prop ? PART TWO

When you see how boat propellers are described in terms of size it is done with actually showing two sizes for one boat prop. Example: 14 1/5 x 19. The first number is the diameter of the propeller measured from the center of the prop shaft hole of the prop where the prop shaft goes into out to one blade tip then doubled. If you measured seven and one quarter inches on your prop then the diameter of your prop is 14 1/2 inches. Simple.

How you measure the pitch of a boat propeller is a little more complicated. How do you measure the performance of a boat propeller when it is used in a liquid?

The answer is you really can’t. Boat propeller makers then determined that the best way to measure performance was not do it using water because that could be nearly impossible but to see how the prop motion would react going thru a solid. The pitch is how far a boat prop will travel thru a solid one revolution theoretically, measured in terms of inches. A 19 pitch prop should go 19 inches forward one turn. In water how to see the amount of slippage that is happening because the prop can’t get a good grip on water would be extremely hard to measure. The degree of slippage is much easier see and to improve on using the solid model. Using a solid as a model is also much more accurate when designing and making boat propellers that will work the best. You need a variety of prop pitches that work differently from each other because just one pitch size is not going to work for every size boat and motor combination. The degree of slippage is much easier to improve on using the solid model.

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