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Turning Point’s MasterGuard boat propeller hub system is engineered to withstand typical wear and tear over time without risk of spinning or failure under normal operational use. Turning Point’s unique patented one piece hub with glass filled nylon over durable marine bronze splines eliminates failures commonly seen in multi-part “sleeve and spline” designs, and pressed-in rubber boat propeller hub systems.

Exclusive Lifetime Warranty Boat Propeller Hub System

Turning Point is the only company to offer MasterGuard® Installation kits and prop housings for 6-300+hp engines with a Lifetime Warranty Hub. Boaters save up to 38% when buying a replacement propeller housing. MasterGuard boat propeller hub system is Re-useable most of the time after a prop strike, and if not, they are Warrantied even if the prop is Destroyed. These boat propeller hubs offer enhanced lower unit protection.