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Boat prop repair is common and propeller repair shops can be found locally or you can ship your damaged prop to Nettle Props in Austin Texas for quality prop repair service. They accept damaged propellers from boat dealers, boating supply shops and boat repair shops year long and have a great following in the boating community.

If you have damaged your propeller by hitting some kind of submerged object you should not run your boat much at with that propeller because a damaged boat prop is not balanced and true any more and can cause undue wear on drive systems seals and bearings.

When you hit something in the water and damage your prop, try and take it easy back to the dock, and then remove the prop to make sure it did not bend the prop shaft before deciding what to do with the damaged prop.

A missing blade on a boat prop or a bent propeller throws off the balance of the prop. Because of the balance being off, the high RPM’s of the engine will bend the prop shaft and potentially allow it to leak water into the gear case and damaging it.

You can get it repaired if its not in too bad of shape at a cost of a little less than a new prop in most cases, and avoid costly boat engine repair.

Can a boat prop repair service fix a bent prop or should you buy a prop?

A boat propeller that has been bent or pitted can be repaired. The amount of damage will determine if the prop can be repaired or if it needs to be replaced. We can help you no matter which direction you decide to go… at JT’s Discount Props we have a variety of new props and with our sister company Nettle Props we are able to provide you with quality propeller repair services.