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Aluminum boat propellers are the most common prop used on boats because they are the least expensive and safest propeller to use. And they work just fine on most outboard engine boats. You can get a three or a four blade aluminum propeller. A three blade prop performs better for top end speed and a four blade works best for low end grip which is better for water sports such as tubing or skiing. If you hit a rock or stump or any underwater debris with an aluminum prop you will probably bend or chip or break off part or all of one or more blades thus sacrificing your propeller and not damaging your lower unit. If you do damage you aluminum prop you can get it repaired if there is no more than 20% of the blade missing.

However nowadays the price of repair is almost the cost of a new propeller and instead of waiting for the repair turnaround time, you can walk out with a new or used one same day or buy one from JT’s Discount Boat Propellers. If you are local to Austin TX, you can drop off your prop with us at Nettle Props, or take it to one of our local area boat dealers that we service repairs for. If you are not local you can ship your damaged prop to Nettle Props for quality prop repair services.

To sum it up, most pleasure boats are factory equipped with aluminum propellers. Aluminum propellers are relatively inexpensive and easy to repair.

Stainless steel is more expensive, but much stronger and durable than aluminum and will hold up longer. If you are looking for better performance than can be provided by your aluminum propeller, such as ultimate top speed or better accelerations, a stainless propeller would be recommended. JT’s Discount Props has many aluminum or stainless steel propeller brands you can choose from.