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Last week we posted a blog about McGard boat propeller locks that told you what a great way to protect your boat propellers from being stolen McGard locks are. This week we will feature their other marine locks offered by them. They have sterndrive locks, outboard motor locks and also boat trailer wheel locks.

McGard uses the same type of lock design for all their locks. The reason why they protect so well is they have a free spinning collar that surrounds the unique nut they use so you cannot get a hold on the nut with pliers or other gripping tools.

McGard offers sterndrive locks the you use in place of one of the standard nuts that secures the drive to the pivot housing. Sterndrives are not that hard to take off a boat if you know how to do it. It really does not take much more time to remove sterndrives than it does boat props.

Outboard motors of all sizes and horsepower can be secured to the boat transom with the McGard outboard motor locks. Again you use their lock system in place of one of the through the transom bolt nuts to keep your motor safe from theft.

Boat trailer wheels can be easily be stolen by thieves and are stolen more often than any other marine product. McGard wheel locks are put on in place of one of the lug nuts so you are protected from losing your trailer wheels.

As with all McGard marine locks make sure you do not lose the special socket from them that is used to remove their special nut. Keep the package the locks come in when you buy them and also the sales receipt for proof of purchase. I think there is a serial number stamped on the package the indicates what unique locking design your lock is. You can then contact Mcgard and get a replacement removal socket if you do lose the original one.

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