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Acme Propellers is an American company that started out in 1996 by a group of talented people with many years of experience in boat propellers. Their goal has been to create the most advanced boat props using the best precision machining and engineering techniques possible. Only the highest grade of metals are used in their propellers so Acme makes the best inboard propellers you can get for your inboard boat. Made in the USA and is based in Big Rapids Michigan.

Starting with advanced computer designing by highly trained and experienced boat propulsion engineers and then using computer numerically controlled ( CNC ) milling machines that provide the best accuracy and consistency possible the end product is ready for use without having to make adjustments by hand which is not as accurate. Acme claims they make the best performing boat props that have offer quicker planing and the fastest speeds in the industry. They are so confident in their boat propellers you can use the prop for thirty days and if you are not satisfied it is returnable for a full refund.

Acme Propellers makes a wide variety of boat props for all kinds of inboard engine boats with up to forty eight inch diameters and all usable pitches.

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