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If you think about, it does not take much time to take off  boat props from a marine engine propeller shaft. It could take less than a minute for propeller theft to occur. The bad guys know that and thousands of boat propellers have been stolen off boats over the years. Mostly Stainless Steel Propellers because they are worth considerably more money than Aluminum Propellers. If you keep your boat out of the water and on a trailer and park it somewhere like in a storage facility or your property outside, your boat prop could be an easy target for thieves. Even if you keep your boat in the water your boat propeller can still be taken off under the water without much trouble.

The good news is there is a simple solution to propeller theft that does not cost much and is easy to install. A company called McGard makes excellent prop locks that you put on after the propeller in place of the prop nut and is torqued down the same way as the nut. Instead of using a regular socket or pliers you use their special socket that has a unique pattern to it that goes into their matching nut pattern. Regular tools cannot be used to remove the special nut, pretty much only the McGard socket can do that. If you do install one of these locks do not ever lose that special socket You will be sorry you did. The locks are made of hardened stainless steel which makes them almost impossible to penetrate without damaging the boat propeller.

McGard also makes locks for sterndrives and outboard motors. We are going to start offering McGard products this year plus many more boating items. So please check out our website for new discounted products this season along with the huge selection of boat propellers we sell at super, discount prices.