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Volvo Penta has come out with a duo prop stern drive made for wake surfing. The Volvo Penta boat propellers are forward of the drive instead of behind it and are over two feet further forward than the regular duo boat props. Designed for safety, a wake surfer who surfs the sterndrive wake extremely close to the back of the boat  is very unlikely to get injured by the propellers if he falls off his board. We offer these forward drive boat propeller sets  at Dan’s Discount Boat Propellers.

This forward drive lower unit is bolted on to the regular duoprop systems stern drive midsection and can be trimmed so a bigger wake will be created. The boat propellers on the forward drive are of a new design for the best performance and cost a little more than the duoprops.

The drawbacks to this drive system could be substantial. With the propellers located in front of the lower unit instead of behind it they much more at risk to being damaged if they hit anything. Even when you trim the lower unit all the way up the boat propellers are still a good foot below the bottom of the boat so beaching it could be a problem and you will need a special boat trailer for it that positions the boat higher up on the trailer so the propellers will clear the road.

Boat manufacturers are deciding now if wake surfing is going to get so popular as to justify them offering this Volvo Penta forward drive in their boats.

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