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If you do not live on the water and you own a boat and trailer you obviously need to take your boat to the water and launch it in at a boat ramp. The water is not going to come to you. But before you do that there are some things you should check out and do to make sure you are ready to go. Here are some tips and advice on what to do.

At your home or where you store your boat before going to the boat launch you should start your motor to make sure the battery is up and that it will start up, but fire it up for only a second or two so you do not burn up your water impeller. Before this test start up turn on the blower motor if you have one to make sure any gas fumes in the engine compartment are sent out of the boat. Check out you boat prop to make sure it is not damaged. Messed up boat propellers should not be used because they can cause damage your engine.

Having a spare boat propeller is a good idea so if you hit something with your prop, your boating day can continue by putting on the spare. Check to see that the boat bow strap is connected to the trailer along with the safety chain if you do have a safety chain. The trailering boat tie downs should be on and tight so the boat does not bounce around on the trailer while you are driving down the road. If you have taken out the hull plug so rain water drains out of the boat while it is out of the water, put it back in now. If you have stuff in the boat, take anything out that might fly out of the boat when you are driving down the road and put it in your vehicle, you can put the stuff back in the boat once it is in the water. Make sure you have enough air in your trailer tires. Hook up the trailer to your tow vehicle and secure the trailer hitch and safety chains. Connect the electrical cord from the vehicle to the trailer and check the trailer lights for correct operation. Look to see that your license plate is on the trailer. With all this done you should be ready to head for the boat ramp.

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