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One fantastic way to spend a little time with the family on those hot summer days is with family style power boating. You don’t need a yacht to have fun on the open seas. So long as you’ve got the right type of equipment and can handle yourself behind the control panel, you and the family will have a great deal of fun all summer long.

Before you understand just how much fun family style power boating can be, you must first understand what a powerboat actually is and what makes them notable. Simply put, a powerboat (also referred to as a motorboat) is just a boat that uses an engine to power itself. Boat propellers are attached to the engine that allow it to move freely through the water. Depending on the specific type of engine that you have and the type of boat products that you use, you can quickly gain a lot of speed in just a short amount of time.

The engine itself is notable for its construction if it is an outboard motor. Unlike other types of boats, the powerboat has a boat propeller, gearbox and engine all condensed into one unit that is also highly portable. The design makes transporting your boat to and from your favorite vacation spot an absolute breeze.

One really fantastic way to spend an afternoon on a powerboat is by pulling tubers, yes, boating is definitely fun. Tubing can be done purely for your own leisure or you can even make a game out of it. If you hook two tubers up to the back of the boat, for example, you can drive wildly around a body of water (while still paying attention to important safety rules and regulations, mind you) and see who you can get to fall off the tube first. On the other side of the equation, there really is nothing quite like getting leisurely pulled behind a boat in a tube, sipping on a bottle of your favorite beverage while the sun goes down in the distance.

Truth be told, powerboats are really fantastic for a wide variety of other types of water-related activities, as well. Because of the levels of speed that they can achieve, they’re also really great for pulling skiers, as well. Boogie borders and even surfers can also have a great deal of fun.

If you’re a fishing aficionado, you can also have a very specific type of motor installed that allows you to move quietly through the water without disturbing too many of the fish below you.

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