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Aluminum boat manufacturing started back about 60 years ago with the Idea of creating a new style of boat that was much easier to produce and was much lighter than wooden boats. There is a lot less maintenance that has to be done on an aluminum boat and the reduced weight improves performance compared to wooden boats of the same size. Outboard motors are generally used for power and higher pitched boat propellers can be used because of the lightness of the boat to increase speed.

Production starts with a computer guided router cutting out the parts of the boat from a flat sheet of aluminum. A computerized plasma torch is used the cut out the larger pieces. Construction starts first with the hull bottom. The bow panels are reinforced with an extra sheet of aluminum and the rest of the bottom has stiffeners, also called ribs attached cross the bottom for support. The transom is the put on using silicone between it and the hull to insure that is will be waterproof and the sides are attached the same way. Then the top part of the boat is installed onto the sides. All the major parts of the boat are first put together using screws. Once the hull, sides and top have been all put together the screws are taken out and replaced with rivets for more strength. The aluminum boat is the put into a tank of water to see if it is waterproof. If any leaks are found they are made waterproof. Foam is then put into the bottom and sides of the boat so it will float and not sink if gets filled with water for any reason. If the boat is going to be painted the aluminum surfaces are sanded so the paint will adhere to the aluminum, the paint goes on and boat is ready for final installment of the floor, interior and everything also used to complete the boat. The outboard motor is secured on to the transom and the boat prop is put on the boat prop shaft. The boat is the ready for use.