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Fiberglass boats are low maintenance and durable. They do not deteriorate and rot like a wooden boat will if is not maintained on a regular basis. It takes over a year for a working mold to be designed and made and is generally good to produce boats for five or more years.

Improvements are always coming to the manufacturing process and  improvements in marine engines and boat propellers have been keeping pace.  The first thing done in the manufacturing process is all the wooden pieces used for a mold are cut to shape using a computer aided machine. They then construct a mold frame from the wood parts. The shape of the boat is then built up using fiberglass on this frame. When building a mold it must be free of any imperfections of any kind so the boats made from this mold are perfect with no flaws.

When the mold is finished they can start the casting process for making a boat. A special kind of spray gun is used to shoot the color and then the mixture of plastic resin and fiberglass strands on to the mold. Workers using a metal roller with a handle work the fiberglass into every nook and cranny making sure there is total contact with the mold so there will be no defects in the finished boat. The combination of resin and fiberglass create a chemical reaction that heats up and hardens at the same time. A material called Roven is then laid out over the fiberglass to made it more rigid and sturdy. Wood is also put into specified areas where other parts of the boat will be attached to. The Roven and wood are then coated in fiberglass so they become part of the boat. After about an hour or longer the boat casting is extracted from the mold. The boat is then worked on by cutting holes in the casting in the areas specified by the design for mechanicals and other uses.

In assembling a fiberglass boat there are 3 major parts to it, all are made of fiberglass and in a similar way. The hull which is the side and bottom of the boat, then what is called the liner which is the flooring and walls is put into the hull along with the engine if it is a sterndrive boat and other big parts. Then finally the shell or top of the boat is attached to the hull.

Once all three parts are together the final assembly is done, installation all the parts needed to complete the boat is performed. The final step is to ensure every thing on the boat works properly and that the boat is water tight in the areas that it needs to be. Final inspections are done and if everything is good the boats are ready to have the boat props put on and then used.

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