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Does it make sense to own and enjoy a boat if you do not live on the water? Absolutely. So what can you do? Lets face it living on the water costs a huge amount of money because it is so desirable to have that kind of lifestyle but most people can’t afford it. One thing you can do is trailer your boat to the water every time you want to use it which works out great for many people who don’t use their boat much. Just make sure you bring everything you need like spare boat propellers, food and other stuff. Most water ways have public access to launch your boat at for a nominal fee so this is the cheapest way to get into boating. 

Another solution is to keep it at a marina by renting a boat slip. Of coarse It costs more to do that but you can use your boat easier pretty much any time you want with very little hassle. Just drive there, get on it and go. The rental fees vary greatly from maybe a few hundred dollars for a simple dock space on a small inland lake to many thousands for a covered slip on the ocean. You should try to use a marina that is well secured so your boat is safe. If you live in the northern states that require you to take your boat out in the fall and put it back in water in the spring, many marinas will do that for you and even be able to winterize and cover your boat up for a fee or as being part of the slip rental cost. Very convenient.

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