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Using jet drives, instead of boat propellers, there is a very different and amazing type of marine craft called the Seabreacher you can buy that maneuvers and looks more like sea creature than a boat. It can dive under the water and then pop up and fly out of the water just like a fish at speeds up to twenty miles per hour underwater and up to sixty miles per hour on top of the water. They use jet drives instead of boat propellers and three models are available at the moment with more in the works. The speed and maneuverability of these watercraft will give you a water thrill ride like you never had before.

Seabreacher X,Y and Z models look a lot like a shark, killer whale and a dolphin. The X and Y models are two person models. The Z model is a one person model. All three are about seventeen feet long with a body width of three feet and a wing span of six and a half feet. The cockpit is water tight with a high visibility plexiglass canopy so you stay dry diving underwater.

All three are powered by a quiet Rotax 1500cc four stroke supercharged engine that is rated at 260 hp. They weigh about 1450 lbs. Fuel capacity is fourteen gallons. The price tag on these watercraft with trailer range from $80,000 to $100.000 depending on the options wanted. Shipping charges are extra.

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