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Our best selling aluminum boat props brand is Solas Amita propellers. We offer hundreds of boat propellers at the lowest prices.  The reason they are the most popular is because they perform great and they are a one piece boat prop that has a rubber hub already installed at the factory and is ready to be used. Just use the propeller attaching hardware that you already have.There is no hub kit you have to take out of your old prop and put in a new prop yourself. You do not have to buy a boat prop and  also a hub kit at additional cost and then install the hub kit in the propeller yourself. People love these Solas Amita one piece props because they do not have to deal with the hub kits. Most boaters just want to put the boat propeller on and go.

Our Solas Amita aluminum boat propellers come in three models. Amita 3, for best speed and all around performance three blade prop, Amita 3 Plus, these 3 blade boat props have larger diameters then the most popular Amita 3’s and work best on slower and heavier boats that need the larger blades to push the boat better. And Amita 4, four blade boat props used for more power when pulling towables and skiers, not quite as fast as the Amita 3’s.

The quality and performance of Solas Amita propellers is excellent and we have had no complaints about how they work. As always getting the right size is most important and we can help you with that, unlike most of our competitors who have little knowledge about boat propellers and are pretty much just order takers.