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If you have a boat that has an outboard motor or sterndrive you can use boat propellers made out of a composite or aluminum propellers or stainless steel. We prefer the use of aluminum propellers or stainless steel propellers because it is our opinion that the composite props do not perform quite so good but they do work OK so if you want to see for yourself buy one and see what you think.

Aluminum props we think give you the best value between the three kinds because they are very affordable. For one thing they are about one half to one third the cost of a stainless steel propeller. The cost to get an aluminum prop repaired is also about the same difference in price as opposed to a stainless steel prop. They generally perform well enough, maybe not as well as a stainless but you do not have much of a chance of causing damage to your lower unit or propeller shaft if you hit something like a rock or tree stump.

Aluminum prop blades will bend or break away on a hard impact saving you from further damage. With stainless steel boat propellers you need be careful about where you drive your boat. They are about five to seven times harder than aluminum propellers so they do not give such at all, if you hit some underwater object. It’s possible you could end up with a bent propeller shaft which is an expensive repair.

So aluminum boat propellers are probably the best value because of the cost to buy and to repair and they are safer to use.And we have super, discount prices on aluminum boat propellers, and also stainless steel props.>Online or phone ordering. 1-800-573-5533