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PowerTech propellers started up making boat props in 1986. They worked out of a small production shop located in Shreveport Louisiana producing performance propellers for small outboard motors. Soon afterwards they began expanding their line of props over time to include bigger and bigger boat propellers for the bigger motors.

Today they produce high quality all purpose aluminum and stainless steel props for all the modern engine applications. They have also created a new revolutionary hub system called the CushionLok hub.

PowerTech is now famous for having the largest number of specially designed propellers offered by any boat prop manufacturing company.There is a tremendous aray of blade designs each with a specific performance function for what the boat owner would like to achieve. They offer boat propellers in 3, 4 and five blades and have both satin and polished finishes in their stainless steel propeller line.

PowerTech customer and dealer service is second to none. You can call them up and talk to one of their Tech professionals who will give you the best recommendation on what boat prop would best fit your needs.
As a dealer of PowerTech props, I depend on thier expertise propellers to sell the right props to my customers. And if for some reason the boat propeller a customer buys from me does not work out right, PowerTech has an exchange policy. For a small fee, they will take back the prop so long as it is not damaged or scratched up and exchange for a different pitch size that should be the correct one.

PowerTech’s goal is to provide the best product quality, performance, selection and service in the propeller industry. I have been selling PowerTech props at the lowest prices for many years now and I believe they have achieved this goal and then some.