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Most people who are looking to buy a new prop are not familiar with all the boat propeller brands available to choose from. There are actually two brand categories of boat propellers. One is the original equipment manufacturer brand of propellers called OEM propellers. These are boat props that are made by the engine manufacturer like Mercury Marine, the makers of outboard motors and sterndrives. They produce their own line of boat propellers to go on their own drive systems and also other brands of engines using the correct hub kit. Volvo Penta, Evinrude, Yamaha, Suzuki and the other engine makers produce boat propellers for their engines also and sometimes contract with an aftermarket propeller manufacturers to make props for them.

The second category is called the aftermarket manufacturers of props. These independent companies are not owned or operated by the marine engine makers. They produce their own line of boat propellers that will fit and work well on the marine engine manufacturers engines and sometimes like I have already mentioned make props for the OEM companies. These excellent quality propellers in most cases perform just as well as the original equipment manufacturers props and are can be less expensive.

Here are the biggest aftermarket propeller companies listed in no particular order to be fair to all of them. Power Tech, Michigan Wheel, Turning Point, Solas, Comprop, and Piranha, Acme and OJ. If you have a new engine and want to use an aftermarket boat propeller it should not void the warranty but check with your sales dealer on that to be sure. For information on these brands you can search them on the internet and also visit their own websites.

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