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Most boat propellers are repairable just so long as they are not too badly damaged and cost less than a new propeller. But they may not be repairable or they may be too costly to repair. Boat props are repairable if there is no more than about 20% of each blade missing. The repair shop can weld on new metal and shape it and make it look pretty close to the original blade configuration, but repairs are done by hand which means they are not going to be like new and they are not going to perform quite the same as a new propeller. But if the repair shop does a good job on the propeller it will work well enough for most people or at least be good for a spare prop.

Aluminum props are the least expensive and easiest propellers to repair. And you can get the pitch changed which might make your boat work a little better, either more speed or more power possibly but there are no guarantees on prop repairs or pitch changes. You can get the pitch changed 1″ either up or down on props with 14″ pitch or lower and 2″ change on props with 15″ pitch and higher. You can also get cupping of the blades added or taken out that might improve performance. You can get this done all props, not just aluminum ones.

Stainless steel, bronze and nibral propellers are more expensive to repair and they also usually do not perform like a new prop. You can get the pitch changed only 1″ on these propellers, anymore than that the blades might break or crack. 1 ” is not much pitch change so you might not want to do it since it costs money and you may not notice any difference in the way the prop works.

In general, getting your prop repaired works out OK if you do not want or cannot afford a new prop.
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