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When looking to buy a new boat propeller and want to know about the boat propulsion system use on your boat – use our Boat Propellers Educational Information. Over the years that people looking to buy a new boat propeller are becoming less and less knowledgeable about their boat’s propulsion system be it an outboard motor or a sterndrive.

It’s simply because the mechanical age is vanishing and the technological age is now in full swing. In the past a lot more people actually worked on their boats and cars because they were a lot simpler to work on than the much more complicated stuff we have today.

Boat owners with little knowledge about mechanical things should still try to learn at least a little bit how their boat works and how boat propellers work.

We have a vast amount of information on boat props starting with our boat Propellers Education Section on the lower part of our home page.

Hub kits are explained and then we tell you the basics on how to determine what size boat prop you should be using on your boat. We then explain aluminum propellers and stainless steel propellers and also about three, four and five blade boat propellers

We also have many other pages with information on boat props such as our Propellers 101 page that tells you all about the characteristics of a boat prop like what is pitch and what is cupping etc. And our Propeller Basics page that gives additional propeller information such as what cavitation is and it also shows illustrations of the different propeller topics listed.

We believe that if you are a boat owner this information on our website should be looked at so you are more aware about how your boat propeller should work.

We have the lowest prices on hundreds of boat propellers in all brands and ship same day if ordered early enough or the next day via UPS or FEDEX. You can also call us during business hours at 1-800-573-5533 for expert recommendations.