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Composite Boat Propellers are boat propellers made out of a composite material consisting of plastics, resins and high tech fibers. They first came out in the 1990’s as a three blade boat propeller with the intent of being a less expensive alternative to an aluminum boat prop to be used as a spare. They were not as good performance wise as the aluminum propellers.

Since then Comprop has improved their performance with a better designed four bladed boat prop that can be used as primary use boat propellers. So today they claim they are as good as the metal props. They have even been the standard propeller on some new models of Wellcraft, Regal and Corona boats.

Comprop propellers are a solid hub prop that are designed to break away on hard impacts so the engines lower unit drive train does not sustain damage. They weigh less than aluminum propellers, about 2.5 lbs compared to 4 lbs.for aluminum props.You can get Comprops in various pitch sizes that fit 3 1/2, 4 1/4 and 4 3/4 inch gearcases with horsepower ranges of 35 hp up to 200 hp. They can be used on both outboard motors and sterndrives.

Comprop claims the performance comparison to aluminum props is just as good with better turning and higher top end speeds in many cases. The retail price on the comprops is about 30% less than aluminum props so you might want to consider one for your boat as your main boat propeller or for a spare prop.

We sell the Comprops at great discount prices along with aluminum and stainless steel propellers for all modern outboards and sterndrives.