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Claiming the tensile strength is fifteen percent stronger than an aluminum propeller, Piranha boat props have been around for about twenty years now and are made out of their own composite material using fiberglass and nylon. . It is not an all composite prop, the hub is a solid hub made out of aluminum that is covered with their composite material. It will not break away like boat propellers made out of aluminum or stainless steel do.


composite boat propellers

The blades on the Piranha propeller will be sacrificed first before damage to your lower unit can occur. The Piranha hub is so strong it actually has a life time free replacement guarantee on ever being damaged from an impact.

The Piranha propeller blades are made with so much precision that vibration from being out of balance is eliminated which can be a problem with metal propellers. The key feature to the Piranha prop system is that the blades are replaceable. They be be easily removed from the central hub if damaged and new blades can be bought and put in. This is a fast and easy way to get you back on the water because the boat owner does this themselves on the spot instead of having to send a metal propeller to a prop repair shop for a repair that can take many days to get back. The composite propeller blades are not repairable but they can cost less than a metal prop repair does in a lot of cases. The boat propeller hub from Piranha is so strong that it is guaranteed for life, “you damage it, we will replace it.” they claim on their site.

You can get Piranha propellers that fit 6 horsepower to 280 horsepower outboard motors and sterndrive systems with a wide range of pitch sizes.They are an very affordable alternative to metal boat props.
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