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The Dis-Pro Boat Company located in Canada produced an inboard style wooden boat between 1914 and 1926 (and some were built up into the 1950’s) known as the “Dippy” that you could raise the drive shaft and boat propeller up into the bottom of the boat using a manual hand lever while under way so you could avoid hitting stuff like rocks and stumps and saving you from boat prop damage. Pretty clever idea for that era.

Dippy inboard engine and boat propellerThe boat looked like a big canoe that was steered with a rudder on the transom connected to a rope and pulley system. The small inboard single cylinder engine was located under a bench seat with the drive shaft extending out from the motor almost a foot that connected to a little gear box that was the pivot point with the propeller shaft coming out the box on the other side and out through the bottom of the boat. The propeller shaft and boat propeller were inside a waterproof case so the boat was water tight.

With the hand lever you could raise and lower the propeller shaft to any angle you wanted and the boat even had a skeg located in front of the boat propeller that if you hit anything with the skeg it would automatically raise the prop shaft up so it would stop the boat props from being damaged. Seems like a good idea for today’s inboard boats.

The “Dippy” was not fast so it was used for just leisurely cruising around lakes. Restored they are a popular and prized boat these days that is worth a considerable amount of money. A very interesting, rare and unique boat.
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