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Evinrude E-Tec G2 300 hp. motor is the only two stroke motor out of all the large horsepower outboard manufacturers. Boat propellers used are three blade boat prop for better speed or a four blade boat propeller to push the heavier boats better.

Emission laws and gas prices have given rise to the four stoke engines more because they have historically  been better on gas milage and generally are less environmentally harmful with their exhaust output.

Evinrude’s highly advanced E-Tech engines meet or exceed all emission regulations worldwide. They have chosen to stay with the two stroke motors because of the overall performance advantages they have over a four stroke engine. Twice as many power strokes per revolution with a lot less engine parts, no cams , valves or other parts required in a four stroke engine. That translates into less engine weight that is  558 lbs on the base models.

The engine cowling on the G2 300 has a dynamic look to it that stands out from other engine brand motor covers and is available in five different colors and fourteen trim colors so buyers can choose the colors best matched to their boat. It is also lighter than similar size cowlings because of the use of a thermoplastic material instead of the common fiberglass style hood.

The engine is a vee six design that can rev up to 6000 rpm’s. Fuel is a direct injection inside the cylinder in stead of an intake manifold for better delivery. Oil is injected in to the cylinder at the same time by use of an electronically monitored infection system.

The gearcase has an improved design for less water resistance and higher speeds. The gears and bearings have been beefed up for improved durability so bigger boat props can be used.

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