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Honda’s largest outboard motor is the BFT250. 250 horsepower V-6 3.6 liter 4 stroke engine. Large fourteen to sixteen inch diameter boat propeller can be used in pitch sizes ranging from 13 to 25. They claim it has excellent performance with great fuel economy and rugged durability. Honda has one big advantage over it’s competitors when it comes to engineering motors because they also have been making automobiles for decades and they can use much of that same advanced technology in the outboard motors that they produce. For an example the valve timing and lift follows what they use in their Acura NXS performance car. Honda has a system to increase hole shot called “Blast” that is short for boosted low speed torque, it advances the spark timing and optimizes the air fuel mixture for the best take off. A cool air induction system is used to feed cooler denser air to the engine that draws air from outside the cowling for better over all performance.

Engine specs are: 219 cubic inches, 60 degree 24 valve four stroke, RPM WOT range of 5300 to 6300, 250 hp. at 5800 rpm’s, wieght is 600lbs. to 622lbs.

Honda makes these same motors for Tohatsu now called the BFT 250 Tohatsu plus six other outboards for them ranging down to 115 hp. This unique arrangement seems strange at first but it is probably going to be a great deal for both companies because Honda sells alot more engines now and Tohatsu all of a sudden has a whole new line of high horsepower top rated engines for sale. The dealer networks for both companies around the country do not conflict with each other location wise much so lost sales is not going to be big problem. Interesting.

The same boat props can be used obviously for both engines. We can offer you the best boat propeller prices for these motors and for all modern boat prop applications. Ordering can be done on-line or by phone at 1-800-573-5533.