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At Dan’s Discount Propellers we offer Great performance and low priced stainless steel props for all modern marine engines. Stainless steel propellers for 9.9 HP. motors on up. So you might ask what does that have to do with Drag Boat Racing… well in racing as well as in recreational boating it is all about the engine and the boat propeller.

With the recently increased popularity of drag boat racing, you may have been hearing more and more in the media and on the Internet about this exciting form of recreation. Drag boat racers take their hobby just as seriously as drag racers who race cars – the only difference is their vehicle type!

Just as with drag racing on land, two competitors will pit their boats against each other on a straight race course. There are three different options in the boat drag course length: 1/8 mile (650 feet,) 1/4 mile (1,320 feet,) and 3/16 of a mile plus 10 extra feet (1000 feet). Since boat racing is so different from car racing, the boats can’t actually start from a total stop like cars do. Therefore, with drag racing the boats have a short rolling start. There is a starting line marked and the boats can’t pass that line until the green start light comes on.

The different components of the boat make a big difference when it comes to excelling at drag boat racing. Boat propellers are considered to be particularly important as they are responsible for propelling the boat forward. The boat props are how the boat will get the all important speed it needs. Propellers are something that can be just as unique as the boat, and the experienced drag boat racer will usually be seeking the most advanced and most powerful boat propeller that is available since it can make the difference between falling behind or beating the whole field in record time!

Come check out our stainless steel propeller selection and lets see if we can improve your boat’s performance.