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We sell almost as many Stainless Steel Boat Propellers as we do aluminum propellers. Our super discounted prices make these propellers very affordable and you get a little better performance from stainless steel propellers.

The brands we sell are Solas propellers, Mercury Quicksilver, PowerTech, TurningPoint and Michigan Wheel. All are top quality and performance polished boat propellers.

As with the aluminum boat propellers, the Solas Amita one piece stainless steel props have become our best sellers.The quality and performance are excellent and they are a one piece boat propeller with the rubber cushion hub installed at the factory that most boaters seem to like.

High Precision Design All SOLAS stainless steel boat propellers are developed through a state of the art process. Using theoretical calculations, geometry design, modern CAD technologies, prototype testing, pilot production and extensive field testing, SOLAS props are designed to be superior to other boat props. Long term studies have shown that SOLAS propellers’ resistance against corrosion outperforms all other stainless steel propellers in their class.

The Solas Amita models of Stainless Steel boat propellers are Saturn and New Saturn, both are used for all around power and speed performance for the larger and heavier boats. Titan and HR Titan 3, a three blade prop and HR Titan 4, a four blade prop, give the best power and speed for the light to medium weight boats. And the Lexor stainless steel boat prop has larger diameters and is a high performance boat propeller for the high horsepower high speed style boats.