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Stainless Steel Boat Props and the Yamaha F350 Outboard Motor/strong>

Yamaha’s largest outboard is the four stroke V-8 aluminum block 350 horsepower F350. This is one awesome outboard engine. Stainless steel propellers will work much better than boat propellers that are aluminum because of the high torque these engines make.  This is Yamaha’s first V-8 engine and has double overhead cams, 32 valves (4 per cylinder) and fuel injection. This thing weighs 804 pounds which makes it the heaviest outboard ever produced, so it’s not really a portable. Base price is $26,245.00 and comes with a 3 year warranty.

The major features on this Yamaha are: Ionic combustion sensors that can adjust spark timing depending on combustion conditions. Command Link® Digital Electronic Control system with redundant electronic engine control, automatic multi-engine synchronization. A system that relieves pressure in the exhaust ports using In-Bank Exhaust with Dual Power Surge Chambers. Improved corrosion protection inside the cooling passages and on external parts. For a large outboard engine it is surprisingly quiet and super smooth running.

It has been a real challenge to develope gear cases strong enough to handle the newer larger horsepower outboards. Yamaha has solved this by using ultra hardened gears and ultra heavy duty bearings that can give maximum dependability and durability.

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