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The propellers used by the most powerful outboard engine are outboard stainless steel props by Hering Performance Propellers which has been making highest quality boat props for racing boats and high powered pleasure boats for forty years. This new outboard manufacturer called Seven Marine that started up in 2010 and they have the most powerful outboard motor made today boasting a whopping six hundred and twenty seven horsepower. 

Seven Maine’s first outboard is a 6.2 litre V-8  five hundred and fifty seven horsepower engine that is by GM built for the Cadillac CTS-V car. It has an aluminum powerhead and is supercharged like the Cadillac. The newer 627 HP outboard version  is an improved model boosting it up another fifty horsepower. These engines have revolutionized the larger sport boats power options that have been using the three hundred and fifty horsespower models by the other manufacturers for the last few years. They are becoming very popular with thirty six feet and longer center console sport fishing boats. What is the price tag for one of these Sevens if you would like to put two or three of these on the back of your boat? You better be sitting down for this, right around $70,000! For another fifteen grand you can get a whole Cadillac car wrapped around the 6.2 litre GM engine.

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