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 There are two kinds of boat propellers – Stern Lifting Propellers and Bow Lifting Propellers. Boat props not only simply push a boat forwards or backwards, they can also determine if the bow is running higher out of the water at speed that means higher speeds because less boat in the water makes the boat faster, less drag. Other propellers can lift the stern of the boat up out of the water from a dead start instead of digging in and having the bow raise up high which causes a slower take off.
The degree of blade rake angle on a boat propeller determines if it is a stern lifting propeller or a bow lifting prop. Blade rake angle is the angle of the blade in relation to the hub of the propeller when looking at it from the side. The less angle of the blade means more stern lift and the more angle means more bow lift.

Stern Lifting Propellers or Bow Lifting Propellers?

What type of boat propeller would work best for your boat? It depends on a few things. Type of boat is one and how you want to use it is another. For high powered light bass boats you want the most speed you can get ,that means a three blade prop with a higher rake degree. This type creates the most speed. Three bladed boat propellers with a high degree of rake are generally faster than a four bladed propeller. Four bladed propellers actually give better stern lift and less bow lift even if it has a high rake degree simply because the extra blade. If you have a sterndrive family style boat, a stern lifting prop is most popular because sterdrive boats are stern heavy and need help getting up and on top of the water quicker.


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