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Turning Point safer boat propellers were developed since every year there are thousands of injuries and even deaths caused by boat propellers cutting people and sea life in all kinds of waterways.

Many injuries happen to people who are in the water behind the boat and close to the boat propeller when the driver puts the propeller in gear to get under way not realizing someone is back there and they are run over and cut up. Regular boat propellers can cause very severe cuts because it is spinning so fast.

Turning Point Propellers has teamed up with Colin Chamberlain the inventor of the ESP Safer Prop and is now offering boat props that can minimize the damage of these propeller strikes at low speeds to people, marine mammals, turtles and other sea life. This new model line is the result of ten years of intensive research and development and are called Aegis Propellers. They are stainless steel propellers that have a green multi-coat paint finish for better visibility under water. Under the green coat they have a red coat that shows when the propeller gets damaged and the green paint is scraped off. This is a great visual aid to see that damage has occurred to the boat prop.

These new boat props are available a variety of sizes for 25 horsepower bigfoot outboards all the way up to 300 plus horsepower outboards and sterndrives in all engine brands. They are all three bladed right hand rotation stainless steel props.

Please see our safer boat propellers website for the best prices on hundreds of boat propellers in aluminum and stainless steel or call us at 1-800-573-5533  for recommendations.