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A new boat propulsion system has been invented that uses both propellers and water jet systems combined that produces more speed, better maneuvering and it burns less fuel. The system can be used on any type and any size of vessel. And from an accidental discovery due to a malfunctioning propeller shaft that made the propellers oscillate, they are working on a new version with the oscillating motion of the boat propellers that nearly doubles the efficiency producing even faster speeds and greater fuel economy.

It is called the Contrapel Hybrid Drive. The system has two enclosed counter rotating propellers in it that operate partially above the water line. Thier purpose is to greatly accelerate water coming in from a pick up intake and then pushing it through an outlet at the back of the vessel. Similar to a coventional jet system but it produces a much higher degree of water velocity.

The two inventors, Barry Davies and Paul Patterson, are from New Zealand have patented the system and are now offering it to a wide variety of marine industry companies and even to countries such as the U.S armed forces for possible use in an unlimited applications. This system has also been found to produce electricity and is being researched and developed in this area.

It will be interesting to see how much of an impact the Contrapel Hybrid Drive will have in the future on the boat and ship industries. As of now it looks like it could be a major breakthrough that has tremendous possibilities. So until your boat will use this new system, I suggest taking a look at our boat propellers 🙂