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You now have the option of using a propane powered outboard motors instead of a gasoline or electric motor. LEHR is the first company to mass produce outboards that use propane as the operating fuel. Their line of models are 2.5hp., 5hp., 9.9hp., 15hp. and a 25hp engine. The engines are similar to gas powered engines and the boat propellers they use are non-thru hub style props that are made out of aluminum only. The performance is comparable to gas engines.

The advantages of these motors compared to gasoline powered motors:

  • Propane burns up to fifty times cleaner than regular gasoline.
  • Engine starts are easier because the propane fuel canisters are pressurized.
  • There is no gasoline smell.
  • Ethanol that is a problem for gasoline engines is not in propane.
  • There is no lubricating oil that needs to be added.
  • Refueling is easier. You can just unscrew an empty canister and then screw in a full one.
  • This can take less than a minute.

The disadvantages of these propane powered outboard motors compared to gasoline powered motors:

  • There is a limited number of models available.
  • Propane engines are a little more expensive to purchase.
  • They are heavier than gas engines.
  • There are less service dealers around that you can take the engine in to for repairs.
  • No engine no matter what is used as fuel is perfect but you do have choices on what kind is best for you.

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