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“Quake on the Lake” has become one of the prime hydroplane boat racing events of the summer that takes place on Pontiac Lake, Oakland County, Michigan.

For the past thirteen seasons the boats have been putting on fantastic shows of speed and with their boat propellers shooting walls of water high and far behind them it’s an awesome sight to see. The one mile oval race course on Pontiac Lake has proven to be one of the fastest oval courses in the country that has produced 17 American Power Boat Association (APBA) world speed records in 5 different racing classes. The racing event takes place every July towards the end of the month with practice racing on Friday’,  heat racing on Saturday’s and racing finals on Sunday’s.

Over the years, the “Quake on the Lake” has given thousands of dollars to various charities through this great  fund-raising event.

The lake has a Michigan State Park beach that is used for the boat pits and for concession stands, exhibits and spectator areas. Live bands play on Friday and Saturday nights and fireworks are shot off on Saturday night. Over 10,000 people enjoy the boat racing every year.

There are two different engine types (stock and modified) and eight classes of race boats that range from fourteen foot hydroplanes with 1.5 litre stock car engines that can create speeds of up to 95 miles an hour, all the way up to the twenty four foot long Grand Prix class boats that are the fastest automotive powered class of hydroplanes in the world with blown five hundred and ten cubic inch car engines that fly around the race course at up to one hundred and seventy miles an hour. The kind boat props they use are three or four bladed and are made out of nibral or stainless steel.

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