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People who attend boat shows to shop for boats and other boating stuff like boat propellers are unaware of how much preparation and hard work a boat dealer and their employees go through to get the boats to the show and get them all set up for display.

First the dealer has to contact the boat show people, sign up and make payment to be there and do this as soon as possible long before the show opens. The sooner this is done the better so the dealer can get the biggest display areas in the heaviest people traffic areas before other dealers do. Prime display floor space and locations at the show are the most sought after and are reserved the fastest. Once the sign up, payment and display area reservation has been completed the real work begins.

A floor plan is developed that shows exactly where the boats are  going to be positioned. All the other things that are going to be in the display like desks and chairs for the sales staff and steps used for people to get in and out of the boats plus signs and decorative plants and other things must be shown in the floor plan. The floor plan is extremely important so when the actual setting up starts the setup people know where everything goes and the process can be done quickly.

Once the boats and all the other things are in their assigned place everything needs to be cleaned. This is done by the dealer workers and sometimes outside help is used also. The cleaning takes up a lot of time and is hard work but the display must look as good as possible to help make a good impression on the customers.

Now the display is ready for the show. The sales people are there and the show begins and runs for quite a few days. After a hopefully successful show that produced many sales the boats and everything else have to be taken back to the boat dealer and put away. This also takes up time and is hard work.

 This entire show process is also always a get it done ASAP deal. Most dealers go to more than one show during the winter months because more than half of the yearly sales of the boats, boat propellers and the other items can be sold at these events.

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