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Winter is coming and if you cannot put your boat away inside someplace you are going to have to store it outside and cover it up to keep snow, ice, water and even animals out of it that could cause damage to the interior of your boat. Boat propellers should be removed and put in the boat so they cannot be stolen.

Main cover options are shrinkwrap, canvas covers or plastic type tarps. The last two options are only just adequate to preserve your boat because snow and ice build up could cave in the cover under the weight. You must always go out and remove the snow and ice constantly to keep that from happening. If it’s going to be a long winter that is going to get old.

The only advantage to these two options is the cost is usually much less than a shrinkwrap cover.

 Shrinkwraping your boat even though it is more expensive is the best way to safely store your boat outside during the off season. It’s not really a do it yourself thing even though you can buy all that you need to do it. It is very easy to burn a hole in the wrap if you never done it before. Pay someone to do it for you that has done alot of them. When done right the cover is very tight with no ereas for snow and ice to accumulate in, it just slides right off because the wrap is slippery. The wrap is also air vented with at least two weatherproof vents to let some air inside the boat to keep mildew and mold from forming. 

 A few tips on where outside to keep your boat are along side a building on the shady and less windy side if possible and not under a tree that could have limbs break off and land on your boat possibly damaging your cover and boat.

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