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On our Dan’s Discount Props website you have two options on ordering boat propellers. Once you determine what is the correct choice, which we will go into shorty, you can call us and give the part number you need and the address and name to ship to then pay for it with your credit card. You can call us for expert advise on boat props too. Or you can order online with two options there also. You can use just the credit card option or if you have a paypal account choose the Paypal option.

We sell five major boat propeller brands in both aluminum and stainless steel. Solas propellers, Mercury Quicksilver props, Michigan Wheel propellers, Powertech props and Turning Point propellers. We did sell the Turbo and Stiletto boat props but they are no longer made. Yamaha bought them out a few years ago and decided not to produce them anymore and they have not given any real reason why.

Now, which one is right for you. If the boat prop you are using puts you in the top half of your motors wide open throttle operating RPM range at full speed trimmed up for maximum speed and with just you in the boat driving it, then that should be the right pitch size. Boat propellers act similar to gears in a car. The lower the pitch the stronger the take off but with higher RPM’s at speed and also limited speed. The higher the pitch the slower the take off but lower RPM’s at speed but higher speeds than a lower pitch.

The best way to find the right boat prop for your boat and how you use it is to read our “Find the Right Boat Propeller” and “Propellers 101” articles that will only take a few minutes of your time but you will learn everything you need to know about selecting the best propeller. These articles can be found on our home page at Dan’s Discount Props website.