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It is easier to order the wrong boat propellers than the right ones. There really is no stock or standard boat prop for your engine because of the almost unlimited amount of boat size and motor size combinations which means different size props are needed for the different combinations. We can help you to find the right boat propellers for your engine with some information from you about what engine you have to begin with. We also would like to know what size prop you have or if you can give us the part number stamped on your prop we can determine what size it is also the size and type of boat you have, the number of people most of the time and if possible what the RPM’s at full speed trimmed up is you have power trim and maybe a few other things. It might seem like a lot of information is needed but it really does help to know as much as possible in order to try to make sure you are getting the right boat propeller. 

You might want to go from three bladed props to a four bladed boat propellers – one for better take off or for use on heavily loaded boats. Maybe you are interested in stainless steel propellers for better performance. If you just want general information on boat propellers we can help you with any questions you might have, also you can read up on general information and how to select the right boat props on our Propeller Education Section located at the bottom of our home page.

Please feel free to call us at 1-800-573-5533 for boat propellers or any questions you might have.